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Despite e-mail and emoticons, there are important people who may read more than an innocence into the error, or a series of them, in your ad, marketing material, Web site — anything you publish. Who are they?

Discriminating customers
Evaluators, including employers, potential employers and
    instructors or faculty members
Clients and potential clients
Funding sources for your organization

Don't embarrass yourself with grammar, syntax or expression that's less than your best.

Why risk months or years of effort when you are looking for approval for an article, book or dissertation you have worked hard to produce.

datzmedia brings years of editing experience in various required formats to your project as well as offering stylistic suggestions that fit the audience you seek to impress. This includes copy produced for:

Web sites
• Newspapers & Magazines
Academic journals *
• Doctoral dissertations
Book-length and chapter manuscripts*
• Broadcast copy
Advertising and promotional copy
• Scientific and medical publications

Our editing approach is to support your style of expression.
Rates are project-based and reasonable. Inquire and acquire a genuinely interested reader's point of view along with
an editor's skills.
  excellence in editing journals, articles, dissertations

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