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  Making It Matter©
  An Easy Approach to Do-It-Yourself Publicity on a Shoestring
  From Bob Datz: writer, editor, publicist and marketing communications consultant

Making It Matter © is a golden nugget of publicity for the time-tight, cash-strapped organization, and it all boils down to this:

spelling out Oprah

Forget the Holy Grail for now. We're talking about:

Achievements in a

That other Oprah is the PR motherlode, all right, and with the right story smartly told, you could strike it rich there some day.

But right now, for your organization or business, there are already customers to reach. Using publicity — unpaid advertising presented as useful or entertaining information — isn't nearly as tricky as landing in Ms. Winfrey's studio. But you would be surprised at how some well-meaning do-it-yourselfers go about writing up press releases and sending them off on the fast track to the media's circular file.

I've had an extensive newsroom career receiving bombs and beauties before bringing a gatekeeper's view to obtaining publicity for clients as principal of datzmedia, in 2002. My professional approach is based on utilizing old and new media to gain the greatest result for compelling communications. And, of course,
I recommend engaging my business to do that with yours. But if that isn't possible, or if you are considering your approach to publicity,


Publicity may seem to be all about you. It's not. And it's not even just about the public any more. It's also about the needs of the media person standing between you and the public. Do you know those needs?

The typical media gatekeeper receives a minimum of four dozen publicity pitches EACH DAY! What does it take to get yours to stand up to that kind of white noise?

Some news outlets are shrinking (newspapers) while others may be abundant but have specialized tastes. How do you know where to take your pitch for publicity and land the attention for your business, organization or endeavor?

Making It Matter © is a Power Point presentation delivered to your organization with the idea that you can have success utilizing rudimentary PR principles properly. You'll see and hear about some right and wrong ways to pitch your story and the array of old and new media that are ready to receive it.

Not everyone has what it takes to tell their story thinking of the listener rather than themselves, and I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe most people are well served to hire a professional like myself with contacts and experience in the field.

But some stories are strong enough to almost sell themselves if properly conceived. Making It Matter © helps you deliver that great story, well told.

Making It Matter © can be tailored to the time and needs of your organization, for audiences of various sizes. Contact us to discuss how we can help you make your message resonate where it counts.

    Making It Matter © for …

   • Small business owners
   Busy administrators
    PR coordinators

   • Nonprofits
   • Public agencies
    Clubs and organizations
   • Technical experts
   • Authors, artists & musicians
   • Professionals in many fields

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