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  Publicity know-how: vital to your marketing plan
When you land in your office and fire up the computer, are you overjoyed to see an e-mail inbox overflowing into your lap? Imagine being someone at a media outlet — an editor or producer — whose inbox is stuffed with these pitches on a daily basis.

Available air time or space on a page is getting tighter and tighter. But it's possible to grab more than your share with proper help, even if you have an existing marketing staff.

Publicity ("PR" or public relations) is about knowing how to work with those busy gatekeepers, the people who make decisions about whether your topic, what you are doing, deserves media attention. There are thousands of them. They are in newsrooms, on radio and TV and in magazines, but also operate websites, e-zines and portals that can get your word out in a very cost-effective manner — often exactly as you would like to see it presented.

For a single event, an ongoing effort or ramping up a campaign, here's the datzmedia approach to publicity:

Find the right gatekeepers at the right time — much more important than reaching them by the thousands or even by the dozens. And it may turn out that the people you most want to reach may include some gatekeepers you never imagined.

Approach them in a way to cultivate success — absolutely crucial.

Following up and following through to cement your relationships for the longer term.

Helping you through (heaven forbid) any emergencies that might tarnish you or your message with the public. Those media relationships are key in a crisis situation, possibly even helping to turn them into opportunities for better public understanding of your mission.

Our expertise, your precious time

Even if you had the experience and skill media relations can cut into your precious time.

With datzmedia, we bring 20 years of experience as a news industry gatekeeper to your publicity needs. Strict "PR types" make and take big money and fit well in well-oiled corporate media departments but may not be what you can afford. Since 2002, we've been practicing media relations, absorbing and enthusiastically spreading the spirit, message and importance of our nonprofit and business clients at reasonable cost.

But as part of the broad range of services we offer, we're not pushing publicity, web development add-ons or any particular service except the mix that works best for you. We do like to

Evaluate your publicity goals as part of your wider marketing strategy. You and your business or nonprofit enterprise matter most. Together, we"ll think it through.

 Devise the angle that makes the most sense for the people who become most important to your success: The people you want to reach with your story.

E-mail blasting and the "press release" a lot of agencies rely on are only the crudest hand tools in the kit of a knowledgable publicity professional.

Let's take a look at how publicity will help you motivate customers, clients or sponsors, to help get you where you want to be.

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