They found your website – Now what?

It’s great to show up on top of the first page on Google and have people land on your web pages. Then what?

Google Analytics is an easy way to see how many are landing but, more importantly, how long they’re staying and how many pages they’re visiting. If they land, look and go “Oh, never mind,” they’re gone in less than 2 seconds. Not good.

Do you paint the house just so you can waive to your neighbor? Do you pick out, lay out and don your best threads just to get a passing glance, or to steal the show and seal the deal?

In the same way, you want your website browsers to become loyal buyers, supporters, clients, etc. The answer, of course, is what you give them — your content. More …

Tap your feet, network and support the hungry

Tuesday, December 8 – 5:30 p.m.

A Very Special Holiday Social & Food Drive

Not your run-of-the-mill networking event …at The Manor in West Boylston, MA

Join The Communicators Club (TCC) as we network, share some holiday cheer, help our community and have some fun at the TCC Holiday Social and Food Drive.

We’re going out of our luncheon cycle to make this an enjoyable and entertaining evening. The trio Jazz Trane will entertain, there will be some improv-style fun and we’ll also welcome special guests from the Worcester County Food Bank as we once again partner with this extraordinary organization to help “create a hunger-free community.”

$5 from each $25 registration fee will go to the Worcester County Food Bank to support its food distribution and advocacy programs. That $25 member rate will hold for guests as well, so please welcome guests to accompany you and lend additional support to food distribution and advocacy programs throughout our area.

Why not Register now 

Section-hiking the Midstate Trail

We get out of the World Headquarters enough to have section-hiked about 30 miles of the Midstate Trail since late July. It’s pretty easy going and unfortunately takes you through some residential areas but also rural farmland and quiet forest. Sections hiked so far include Barre Falls Dam to the base of Wachusett and West Sutton through Oxford almost to the Charlton line. I like to point north but have done some both ways. Best is to have a car at either end of a stretch, of course. When that couldn’t happen last weekend I brought the bike and parked the car and bike at opposite ends, biking back to the car after the hike. Kind of a biathelon only slower.

One of the purportedly nicest trail stretches is along a creek bed for about 3/4 miles in Oxford, 20150905_132858 but it was bone dry Labor Day weekend so will have to return when its flowing.

Yes it’s slow, but it’s definitely rolling

Nearly 4 months after our Googly friends announced mobile-friendly websites would get preference in search listings the evidence is developing that it is making a difference.

Recall that April 21 was billed as the MOBILE APOCALYPSE in which older or non-mobile-friendly sites that don’t make it easy for small-screen users would start suffering in their search rankings. The bottom did not fall out on that day, as we said at the time it would not.

But three months has been enough time to see the dominant search engine is re-ranking sites along these lines, as industry articles including this Wall Street Journal piece make clear stating, reporting on Adobe’s findings that “traffic to non-mobile-friendly websites from Google mobile searches fell 12% in the two months after the changes took effect April 21…. ”

And really you know why this should happen. Pick up your own smartphone and call up an older website that has made no moves toward going mobile. Then squint and magnify all those tiny navigation buttons to see where pages are. Then hope your finger doesn’t land on the wrong button. Ready to look somewhere else for what you wanted?

You are competing for contacts on the Web, and if your legacy website isn’t testing out as mobile-friendly, your competitors’ sites may well be. There are enough things to compete on — on and off the web This one is easily corrected should not stand in your path to success.

We have also advocated for not just mobile-friendly sites but dedicated mobile sites, because “mobile-friendly” still doesn’t mean a great mobile experience. Google at this point is looking for large, visible navigation among its major factors, but once a page opens, is it going to convert the human viewer to act?

Don’t leave the majority of viewers who search the web from mobile devices either scratching their heads or bailing out on your message. Learn how your mobile website can be ridiculously cost-effective, and let’s get it done ASAP.

Yard owners: fertilize your mind at Montigny Landscaping’s free event

Don’t wait for snow melt to prepare yourself for those blossoming beds, bright green leaves and sturdy backyard hardcapes, lighting and habitats you want to see.

“Come Ask the Experts” is a a free consultation with:

  • Calvin Montigny, owner of Montigny Landscaping
    since 1987, graduate UMass Stockbridge School and
  • Joseph Kowalski, certified arborist / licensed forester
    over 35 years, owns Ganesh Tree & Plant Health Care

10 a.m.-Noon Saturday, April 18, 2005

Stageloft Repertory Theater
450A Main St., Sturbridge

Bring your questions, photos and enthusiasm for spring!