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  Your roadmap to success  
Ready, set, go! 8 steps:

Together, we'll take stock of your current situation.
Identify your customer  or client base and why they are with you;
Your place in the market, strengths and the needs you satisfy in commercial or civic life. 

2) Your goals and vision for the future, with focus on your most important strategic, attainable and measurable goals.

3) Translate your broad goals into specific steps, including:

Researching the market, customer needs.
Considering proven and untapped resources and talents within your organization.
Determining the desired destinations: driving people to your  door, to the telephone or your Website, for example.

4) Create a strategy based on the objectives
Evaluating target markets and segments that may exist
Positioning your organization to reach these sub-groups or retain markets, as desired
Take outside factors into account and prepare for those we anticipate will have an effect on our efforts
Considering and selecting linkages to events, media or organizations related to the campaign

5) Determine methods to use
What medium or media
Who will create and disseminate the pieces
Consider coordinating publicity: public relations, events, news media Create a time line and contingency plans

6) Create messages that motivate, messages that matter

Coordinate content and presentation
Connect with the needs and enrichment of target customers, clients or funding sources. In this phase, they matter most.
Flexibility in creating versions of pieces for market segments
Utilize specific points to make this connection " The call to action " Build in ways to measure results after rollout

7) Launch the message
Timing, rollout, "soft launches" are all     considered.
Select and work with specific outlets to achieve the best result.

8) Evaluate and re-evaluate results of overall campaign or specific initiatives 
This includes the marketing plan itself. Goals change as you move forward. So does the competitive landscape. But having your base plan will make it easier to adjust marketing communications.
as you move forward.

Let datzmedia bring valuable perspective to reach your targets and your vision.

  Don't leave home without a marketing plan  
  If you're in it for the long haul, you can't afford to skip a marketing/communications planning process.

It won't be overwhelming. We'll help you clarify strategies for marketing that match your wider goals and keep your entire organization focused on those goals.

Then we can take the strategy to the streets, showing how you meet the needs of current and future:

funding sources

Why bother? Because even if you know what you want to accomplish now, it's especially helpful to run those goals through a marketing plan process. For instance:
Have you considered the array of alternatives available to get     your message out? There are new and alternative media you     may never have contemplated.
Have you looked at whether that "target market" is really a     number of targets that can best be approached in different     ways?
Will you be prepared for success by having sufficient     products and services to meet the anticipated response?

Everything we do, and much of what you do, is that much better if you take the time to get ready, get set and then go with us.

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