Bring It to Life

Integrated Web & Visuals

Integrating your message in words and visual, online and off, is critical. That’s what we do in our Media Works. Media works when creative writers and artists work together. By closely crafting your projects, we work together, often simultaneously, to create a message that hangs together and doesn’t look like a drag-and-drop puzzle with interchangeable parts. Every word, every pixel matter. Learn more … 


Communications Strategy

Remember the pencil?

Its point and eraser symbolize focus and flexibility. That’s what marketing communications strategy is all about. Plan first, execute and revise.
Process sounds boring but it pays off. Planning your marketing communications strategy saves you money you might have thrown in one direction or another because someone else told you what worked for them, only they’re not you. Learn more …


Make It Matter

Campaigns, Events, Publicity

From one-off daylong or weekend events to fundraising, political and promotional campaigns, datzmedia employs every available means from the grassroots to the treetops. From crowdsourcing to paid advertising, press coverage and boots on the ground, it all starts with the same planning process we use in longer-term marketing communications. Learn more …