Using All The Tools

Promotional campaigns and events bring your message and best look to people ready to see and hear what you have to say, sometimes face to face. Getting people to rise and greet you is no easy task in a busy world. That’s why it takes an array of tools suited to your exact purpose, your specific audience. We’ll put them all on the table, from signage to social media, and make sure they square with your budget and your goals.

Campaigns to sell, or sell ideas

Remember our tagline, “We’re Your Communications Department.”

Our work on media campaigns provides the greatest efficiency for clients who engage us to produce and/or coordinate full-spectrum media services, from web and social media presence to PR and print pieces. Can oversee or support campaign staffing in many media, from PR to messaging and visuals with maturity, insight. Campaign work has included:

  • Political (progressive, environmental, labor, justice)
  • Commercial
  • Fundraising for Nonprofits

We have been hired for partnership roles with existing providers such as web designers or graphic artists that clients already have in place, or with larger clients who have in-house departments. We enjoy the collaboration when working in those capacities to promote our clients. 

Use our services to re-direct the public to your new service, product or mission or to re-inforce or refresh your longtime brand and reputation for a new generation.

When we have ultimate responsibility for a short- or long-term campaign, we provide a streamlined process to create your success with the fewest hoops to jump through and the best use of our skills and values and your energy. Get in touch to see out how we can infuse your spirit and mesh with your mission.


Central Massachusetts Antique Show at Sturbridge,

Promotional Events

We thrive on deadlines, and event promotion is a series of them. Firing off messages in multiple directions, to targeted audiences. It’s another all-out use of the toolbox, working in campaign mode with intensity that increases as an event draws near.

Like any media campaign, it should be carefully planned and timetables and assessments put in place. Lead time? Yes, we love that. But it doesn’t always happen, and we understand.

An event can be an exciting part of a wider campaign, or it can be the campaign. It’s a media plan and a multimedia delivery. We enjoy playing a role in your successful event.