Up Close …

Core Journalism
Bob Datz Bob began in and remains committed to quality journalism. While this is an endangered species on the local level, Bob’s work has included statehouse coverage and beats ranging from environmental to veterans affairs for daily newspapers in Maine and Massachusetts.

Bob Datz photo, man playing dominos

… And Personal

All Journalism is People
People and cultures are not just interesting, they illuminate even the hardest of news by revealing how it plays out. But with media reporters running in a hamster wheel to churn out filler for space between the ads, that’s not always possible. Our default setting is “humanity.”
Native American Powwows
The ‘Horn Doctor’

Seafood ravioli BOB DATZ PHOTO

Oh Yes — Diversions

Dining Reviews and Stuff to Do
Since 2008 Bob has been a regular restaurant reviewer for the Telegram & Gazette in Worcester, Massachusetts as well as contributing features on getaway destinations and events for Worcester Living magazine.

Samples and Nibbles:
Surya Indian restaurant
Picture-Perfect Pomfret