10 Reasons datzmedia Fits as
‘Your Communications Department’

1    Your business needs multi-media marketing communications but can’t support it on a full-time basis.

2    You need help figuring out where to deploy limited marketing resources, and everyone seems to push different things you’ve “got to” do. It’s confusing.

3    Gaining access to hands-on experience and heads-on insights in many different media means you need multiple people in-house or …

4    Hiring a large agency with multiple specialists gets you big hourly fees and mark-ups and …

5    The bigger agencies have no one with an “insider” perspective about spending your money as if it were their own.

6    Having that “outside insider” gives you rapid response time to your needs.

7    You don’t need another “yes man.” You need someone to evaluate and construct your messages through the lens of the people you want to reach and give you honest, informed, constructive feedback.

5    You need a cake made from scratch to reach your markets; no cookie-cutter solutions; it’s real work.

9    When a team of specialists is required, it is assembled with an eye to what works for your particular needs in terms of the visual, online or written message.

10    Planning it all with you as fully involved as you want to be means you have a team member separate from any specialists working on a specific task. So planning isn’t simply feeding the agency beast. It creates savings for you in the end.

Custom-built solutions

Let’s find your particular approach. Look over the menu:

  • Web design / website enhancement
  • multimedia marketing communications
  • graphic presentation
  • copy writing
  • editing
  • publicity / public relations
  • advertising creation and placement

datzmedia: passionate professionalism along with marketing communications and public relations know-how — infused and enthused with what you do. With your expertise and our own 25-plus years of creative experience with sight, sound and compelling communications. Using the media mix that makes the most sense for clients’ goals and means.

We’re in West Brookfield, Massachusetts, central to all of New England and especially the Worcester, Springfield and Hartford markets. We have clients across the country. We’d very much like the chance to work with you.