It’s Time to Make Your Website
Both Mobile and Relevant

mobile websites: moblize with datzmedia

See just how cost-effective this can be. In many cases, converting a single mobile visitor can cover the cost to reach mobile viewers, who now comprise the majority of Internet searchers.

Do this not only because Google — the heavyweight in web search — made “mobile friendly” websites a requirement for optimal ranking on its search engines in April 2015.

70% of mobile searches were found to lead to action
on a website within just 1 hour of the search
,mobile-site-page according to
research by iAcquire and SurveyMonkey. It’s made sense all along.

We have been promoting this so clients’ websites resonate with the mobile users who now make the majority
of searches on the web. Useful content has always been the key, but now it must be specifically
relevant to the mobile device-toting majority. You’ve gotta reach ’em.

Stay ahead of your competition. Mobilize now!

Way beyond “mobile-friendly”

datzmedia has been advising clients to go mobile for a long time, as the share of Web searches with mobile devices climbed from a sizable minority to become a majority of all searches.

Meeting that “mobile-friendly” standard is minimal, and you want more — especially when it comes at a very reasonable cost.

Place yourself in front of your competition where it counts, with rich, meaningful content for the live audience and screens that are on the move. Satisfy search engines and your human customers at the same time, on all screens!

Get your look, your vibe and your message on up to six pages of optimized, original,
mobile content
(not including call and content buttons) in addition to user access to
your full desktop website.

Make an impact wherever anyone finds you …
for only $329*, the payback is fast and ongoing.

*No ongoing service contract, price excludes hosting. Price through 2015

Get to this before your competitor does. Contact us about mobilizing your web presence for both search and an experience to engage people wherever they are!

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