In public relations work, “work” is the key word because it’s not just sending out press releases to media members too busy to care. That’s going the way of the postage stamp.

Media have fused from separate categories into an almost indistinguishable, pulsating mass that contributes mightily to how we get ideas

To Act   …   To Think   …   To Escape   …   To Consume   …   To Support.

Across the spectrum from bloggers to the talking heads on TV, it begins with tailored messages for each medium to share and adapt on and off the Web, through print, video and storytelling in many media.

It also deals with your image and message, and is an essential part of a marketing communications strategy. And it’s what a public relations professional provides to add value to what you do.

Where PR services succeed

datzmedia brings a deep background to publicity. We know the gatekeepers and where the keys are. We understand what gets people talking.

It’s more than sending out press releases and bills.

Publicity is about knowing something. As with any messaging, it’s about knowing your audience, sometimes writing directly to consumers and other times to editors and bloggers, each with their own agendas. It comes down to actual work. This may include:

  • Custom feature articles and longer material
  • Targeted news releases
  • Media kits including video and other visual components
  • Ongoing media and public relations

…all driving your specific targets toward the action you are seeking.

Crisis communication is hopefully never a need, but beyond that we can provide material, often in electronic kits, to help communicators with easy access to what you are doing and saying. And we lay it before them with the tone of voice you want to project.

datzmedia does this at a fair rate and suggests it as part of an ongoing communications strategy. It should coordinate with and enhance web and social media, advertising and events.