Web design and content

datzmedia designs websites and builds them both hands-on and in collaboration with back-end developers. But we are much more than page builders.

We want to capture your mood, your voice and your spirit in visual and more substantial ways.

We prefer to handle and coordinate content of all kinds, especially text, because we incorporate search optimization from the start. “Optimization begins at the moment of conception.”©

We also believe that content and presentation are two strands of a single thread, and we don’t want our threads to fray.

datzmedia works on websites that utilize the WordPress content management system that allows clients to make their own updates, and we make training and maintenance assistance available to you and your staff following launch.

We also build and maintain interactive sites outside of WordPress.

All our web work is done with your broader marketing and communications strategy in mind to make all we do and what you do most effective.

Video, graphics, photos and photoillustrations are created or obtained to flesh out the essence of what you do.

Pitch us your ideas and we’ll pitch you ours; we can put heads together and make them happen.


Flexible design,
flexible marketing

Most Internet searches today take place on mobile devices. Now website owners must understand the appeal and the ways to display themselves on screens of all sizes. Your website may be viewed in the palm of one person’s hand and across the wall of another person’s office. Desktop display remains important for people seeking information on the web.

A web designer should understand communication with many audiences, but also with many devices they use. At its root, the Internet is about communicating.

We’d like to work with you to fulfill these needs with your message and mission.


We Communicate Online 3 Ways

  • With people, numero uno. The action-takers. Your customes, clients, supporters
  • With devices: How your web-based message will appear to them
  • With “spiders,” the animated term for the processes Google and other search engines use to crawl the web to find and list web pages and blogs.

 We feel it is critical to address all these audiences and we have the skills and know-how to do just that.