Section-hiking the Midstate Trail

We get out of the World Headquarters enough to have section-hiked about 30 miles of the Midstate Trail since late July. It’s pretty easy going and unfortunately takes you through some residential areas but also rural farmland and quiet forest. Sections hiked so far include Barre Falls Dam to the base of Wachusett and West Sutton through Oxford almost to the Charlton line. I like to point north but have done some both ways. Best is to have a car at either end of a stretch, of course. When that couldn’t happen last weekend I brought the bike and parked the car and bike at opposite ends, biking back to the car after the hike. Kind of a biathelon only slower.

One of the purportedly nicest trail stretches is along a creek bed for about 3/4 miles in Oxford, 20150905_132858 but it was bone dry Labor Day weekend so will have to return when its flowing.

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