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  Why PR succeeds with a professional
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  The simple answer is to put a bounce in your business, to rev up your organization.

We'll give you plenty of good reasons to hire datzmedia. But let's make good use of your time and let a recognized authority quickly answer this burning question:

Why hire a publicist?

Nationally known publicity coach Joan Stewart, who has taken the nickname "The Publicity Hound" and counsels publicists and business owners alike, answers the question so well that I'll yield to her:

If you know exactly where to look, you can find a publicist who the media already love.

I call those kinds of publicists perfect publicists because they get the job done for you and for the busy reporters and editors who you want to attract — whether you want to be on CNN or your community newspaper. Here's how they do it:

They have a hot list of media contacts at newspapers, magazines and TV stations where you want your story to appear — or they know how to create the list.

They can deliver a snappy, succinct telephone pitch within 15 seconds.

They can create a clever media kit that reporters won't toss in the newsroom wastebasket along with all the others.

They understand how to take the contents of that same media kit and put it at your website so reporters can access information about you within seconds, without you having to spend money on expensive overnight deliveries.

They know exactly what you need to accomplish in a publicity campaign and how to help you do it.

They invest time developing and nurturing strong relationships with their media contacts.

They learn the wants and needs of the audience that reads a particular magazine where you want coverage.

They use enticing email messages to catch the attention of busy reporters and editors.

They invest in up-to-date media directories that explain when to call, when to send an email and when to snail-mail a letter.

They understand all the little differences and nuances of print vs. broadcast vs. Internet publicity and don't use a one-size-fits-all approach to target those three kinds of media.

These perfect publicists know all the ways to make the media's job easy. They are a valuable link between you and reporters, editors, photographers, news directors, talk show producers and assignment editors.

Finding the perfect publicist is like striking gold.

If I didn't think Stewart's criteria for a "perfect publicist" closely matched my own methods, I wouldn't direct you to the page where she sells a book advising how to shop around for services.
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She calls it "perfect"; I'll promise you this: the tenacity and resourcefulness that has marked my extensive career in the news media works on behalf of my clients. It's our recipe for success.


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