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  Once a month, here are just a few
  of the broad areas we'll swoop into:

    Bang-for-the-buck advertising
     and marketing

    Target your niche audience
     and your broad audience

    Effective web communication:
    visuals and content

    Web search optimization

    Integration of media/repurposing     your media

    Publicity methods, proven & new

    Journalism and the News
    (often quite different)

A rewarding read, you're invited to suggest topics, provide insights of your own, and pass it on.

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Custom-built solutions

Let's find your particular approach. Look over the menu:

 Web design / website enhancement
 multimedia marketing communications
 graphic presentation
 copy writing
 publicity / public relations
 advertising placement

or combining some of these pieces into a marketing plan for your business or nonprofit.

"We're Your Communications Department"

Whether your enterprise is too small to have your own media shop or just needs a hand getting its message to stick, datzmedia will create the content and find ways to present it that are within your budget and targeted to your audience.

With marketing messages virtually everywhere, it still comes down to effective communication. We work with you to deliver the "That's what!" answer to the "So what?" question the heartbeat of your business or non-profit organization that sets you apart.

You get more time to devote to the growth of your product, program or services while we convey your benefits customers, clients or funding sources.

With datzmedia, you get passionate professionalism along with marketing communications and public relations know-how — infused and enthused with what you do. We put together your expertise and our own 25-plus years of professional experience creating sight, sound and compelling communications, using the media mix that makes the most sense for regional and Massachusetts clients' goals and budgets.

We're in West Brookfield, Massachusetts, central to all of New England and especially the Worcester, Springfield and Hartford markets. We have clients across the country. We'd very much like the chance to consider your needs and assist you in cutting cleanly through all the noise.

Most sincerely,

Bob Datz

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